A mother’s life is forever entwined with that of her child.


So you've found out that you're pregnant - congrats! In the first few months, it feels amazing seeing that little belly grow and flaunting it in your pre-pregnancy wardrobe. Then in a matter of weeks or months, it starts to hit you hard that you're going to have to change your entire wardrobe because every single part of your body has grown along with your belly and nothing fits past your bust, waist or hips!

You begin scouring the earth for maternity wear but to your horror, find that nothing is worthy of your wardrobe. They either scream "maternity" and make you look like an unflattering sack or break the bank.

Why does being pregnant mean having to look any less attractive? Why does being pregnant mean having to spend a bomb on clothing that will last you only a few months?

It doesn't! Say goodbye to the depressing days of feeling like a large potato trudging around in a sack or worrying about spending too much on new additions to the wardrobe that will only carry you through pregnancy.

Entwined was conceived to bring you affordable, effortless, versatile and lasting styles for your growing needs - maternity and beyond.

Confidently and stylishly embrace your new curves!  

With Love,
The Entwined.sg Team
For your growing needs